Repeat Crashes During Rebuild

I’m at my wits end and hoping someone on the forums can help…

My DroboPro appears to be stuck in some kind of loop where it attempts to rebuild only to crash within a few seconds. Its been doing this over and over again since Thursday (December 17th). The data that is located on the Drobo appears to be okay, but the data is only accessible between crashes for about 3 minutes. Its been a very long time since I last backed up the Drobo so I’ve got a bunch of valuable data on the machine. I’d like to just back everything up and wipe/restore the Drobo, but transferring files 3 minutes at a time isn’t really practical.

I’ve tried running Disk Utility to repair the volume, but the crash window is too narrow and I’m afraid my past attempts have only made matters worse.

I am connecting to the DroboPro via Firewire on a Mac Mini running 10.10.5 and the latest Mac version of the Drobo Dashboard. I also manually updated the DroboPro firmware to the latest version (1.2.7 I believe?). I wish there was some way to disable to the automatic rebuild, or at the very least extend the length of time before the process started.

Can anyone provide any insight?

hi, is it possible to pass us a bit more info on how many drives you have, and what sizes in which slots, and how much data you have on it (including any dashboard info such as free space remaining and which drive redundancy mode you are using at the moment? eg Single or Dual)

any other info you can remember, such as what led up to the reboot loop, such as did the top drive fail and then you put in another drive which got stuck in a loop, etc, could be useful too.

(please feel free to capture a few screenshots via dashboard if easier to quickly capture the info inbetween reboots, and to post to imgur or similar with links to them, but please try to rub out any sensitive/serial numbers before uploading to play safe)

in the meantime, there might be a way for you to halt the rebuild by putting it into ReadOnly mode:
(please have a look at this thread which explains what another drobopro user used to stop the reboots, including mac commands)

if the reboots are still happening though, then it might be good to try to ascertain if the hardware is rebooting due a fault, or if the disk pack of drives is causing the reboots during rebuild.

essentially that would entail shutting all down, and removing the drives, and powering up an empty drobo on its own, to see if it boots up normally, as mentioned in this knowledgebase article:
(if you do try this, then very important step after the test, is to only put the removed drives back in where they were again while power is OFF)