Repair Filesystem: e2fsck reports errors

I was wondering how I would go about repairing the filesystem on a Drobo 5N. I have a directory that cannot be deleted because of input/output errors (on files that are no longer there).

Running fsck -nf /dev/sda1 reports a whole bunch of Inode and block errors.

Is there a way to unmount the filesystem so I can perform a repair? I found this old thread:

But it seems like a rather convoluted process. Plus, my Drobo isn’t that far gone, I can still access most folders and Drobo Dashboard does not report any errors (except that I’m running a bit low on space).

Wow, I would have thought somebody would have responded to this. I have this exact scenario and really don’t want to have to go the manual route. I would have thought there was some way to trigger an fsck on boot …

Guess I’m in a similar situation now… Running e2fsck -n /dev/sda1 now and it just blasts me with errors.