Renaming a share

If I rename a share from “Public” (appears on my PC as “Public (\drobo5N) (N:)”) then are there any consequences on my PC? “Public” was the default share, and by the time I realised how inappropriate this name was, I’d already loaded about 2TB of data.

Presumably I’ll have to arrange to mount the share on my PC by its’ new name. I can do that through the Drobo Dashboard, can’t I?

I’m new to this network attached Drobo, and I live in fear of messing something up.

P.S. I thought I’d already asked this, but can’t find it here.

I don’t think it is going to be an issue, since even the Public share can be renamed to a different name should you wish to do so. Yes, you’ll probably have to mount the share again…
Yes, it is done by the Drobo Dashboard. (Shares > Share Settings)
Yes, it can be mounted using DD. (Shares > Click on checkbox to mount)

Indeed, it all went well, apart from a minor issue. After I’d re-mounted the drive on my PC, instead of appearing as “Steves (\DROBO5N) (N:)” it shows as “(Steves (\ (N:)”

So, I decided to disconnect it and mount it via Windows Explorer, using my “Steve” userid. This was when I discovered that Steve had no access to the share. I corrected that. but I’ll wait and see if that IP address changes back to the IP Name the next time I reboot.

Well, I missed one significant consequence… anything which refers to my share by URN would have to be updated, as it changed from \Drobo5N\Public to \Drobo5N\Steves