Removing Drive for Migration

I have a 5N (4/4/4/8/8 Config) with 18.12TB capacity & 8.32 TB used, but some space unavailable as it’s still formatted as 16TB. I want to get another 5N or maybe a 5N2 and copy the data over (have to do this to get the diskpack to 64TB). I want to save money on the number of drives I have to buy to copy the data, so I’m asking if I can remove one of the 8TB drives from the current 5N (would leave approx 10TB usable), put that drive with another couple of 4 or 8TB dives in the target 5N or 5N2 and then be able to copy the data from old to the target 64TB diskpack?

I’ve not removed or tried to reduce capacity before so not sure what the source Drobo would do. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

From what I’ve read, but not yet experienced, is that these things can take a long time. Sometimes days. Also, don’t expect a whole lot of support from Drobo when things seem to go wrong. I hope you get better advice from others here. Good luck.