Removing a Healthy Drive? (quick and easy question)

I have 2 Drobo FS units that are filled to the brim with 5 hard drives each. One of the hard drives is blinking red (apparently “gone bad”). What I’d like to do is to take the bad hard drive and place it in the other Drobo unit by swapping out one of the healthy drives. Would I be at risk of losing any data if I did this? I figure it should be OK because when you upgrade a drive you can simply swap the drive out and that’s it. I’m essentially doing the same thing here but I wanted to double check before I do something I would really regret…

Sorry, im totally confused

you want to take a bad drive out of one drobo… and place it in the second drobo

whats the point?

at the moment you have one degraded drobo… and one fine drobo

what you want to do is degrade the second drobo AS WELL… and then ask it to rebuild onto a probably faulty drive - and if that drive fails during the rebuild you may well lose everything on the second drobo.

I just dont see what you are trying to accomplish?

I’m just trying to confirm that it is indeed a bad drive and not just something that went wrong with this particular Drobo unit. It sounds like testing the drive on the healthy Drobo is probably a risky idea, though. I will have to deal with a new hard drive purchase.

its FAR more likely to be the drive than the drobo

and whatever yo udo to degrade a raid array , will alway sbe a bad idea

you’ve spent about $1000 on protecting your data - just by removing a dsik form your second drobo, you are immediately putting all of the data on that one at risk, which really does kinda defeat the point of buying the drobo

putting the probably faulty disk in there would immediately cause the drobo to try and rebuild onto the probably faulty disk, which would almost certainly end in disaster

you can easily test the drive in a desktop comptuer - or by buying a cheap usb dock and testign it using a laptop (which is what i do)

and especially if you have multiple hard disks lying around (and since you have 10 in your drobos - you do) the USB dock is always going to be a handy thing to have around

Let’s suppose your family owns two cars.

A tire fails on one car. You get home safely, but before you spend $50 to buy a whole new tire, you want to be absolutely certain the problem was with the tire and not with the wheel or the car.
Do you put that tire on your husband/wife’s car to test on the highway, or do you look for indications (equivalent to SMART metrics) of problems on the tire itself? Do you ask a mechanic to help?

Here’s the thousand-dollar question.
Suppose the new tire works fine, but you didn’t find the leak in that old tire. Do you put it back on the car and give the car to your daughter to drive to college?

Yup, it makes sense. I’m investing in a USB dock for testing when a drive failure occurs. Thanks for the quick feedback!

Hard drives contain really awesome rare earth magnets.
Every time I lose a hard drive, I gain 2 nifty toys. They’re great for party tricks too! A pair of magnets from a 3.5" hdd will cling through a 1" thick wooden door or table.

none of mine which die are ever out of warranty…

Docnorris, you need a new icon.

An analogy after my own heart!! :smiley:

(the car tyre usage analogy is good,
but probably not that valid if someone has an ex-wife and sees to many mystery “who-did-it?” films, in which case they probably ‘would’ give the tyre to their ex :smiley:

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