Removing a DroboApp and....

Good morning.

What is the best way to remove/uninstall a DroboApp? Do you simply delete the directory it’s in or is there more to it? Couldn’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

Also, I have an LG BD-590. It sees by Drobo FS and will allow me to stream videos from my Drobo using the 590 to my TV. One thing I notice is that there are a bunch of files listed in the playlist before I get to the actual video to play (i.e., _123.avi, actual video file 123.avi). I don’t see these when i do a directory listing on my Drobo. How do I remove these files from Drobo so they don’t show on my 590 and require massive scrolling?


@wyzard, Did you copy files to the Drobo fS from a Mac? The files ._123.avi (your example) are resource forks from Mac OS X. Its curious that you see them, you must have it set to use SMB instead of AFP.

Yes I did copy them from a Mac. I don’t see them on the Mac, just on the LG BD590. I don’t see them when looking at the Drobo directory from the Mac. If I did I could delete them. How can I see them from the Mac so I can remove them.


Those resource forks (.123 …) contain OS X file system meta data. The . files result because OS X has a way of storing them and SMB doesn’t know how to deal with it, so a translation creating a separate file ._ is created. I can’t tell you if you are safe erasing them or not. They may contain valuable information if you ever want to move the files back to your Mac.

Here is an article that is an introduction to OS X meta data: http://www.haystacksoftware.com/blog/2010/06/the-importance-of-metadata-on-the-mac/

OK… finally found something to get rid of those files… Now…

How do I remove a DroboApp I no longer want?


Haven’t had my DroboShare connected in a long while, but IIRC, you simply remove the app’s folder from the DroboApps folder, then reboot DroboShare.

I have remove all DroboApps in my share DroboApps and restart my Drob-FS but the share already exist how i can remove the share DroboApps ?

From the shares management tool under Advanced in Drobo Dashboard.

From the dashboard, you need to UNCHECK the option to enable DroboApps which creates the share.

You’re looking too far, goto http://(fill in your Drobo IP address):8080/droboadmin
It will show you the webinterface, there you can enable/disable specific apps, so no need to disable entire apps share imo.

Be sure to not disable Apache, otherwise you will not be able to access Droboadmin anymore via webinterface -> made by Apache.