Remove the mSATA?


My Drobo 5D3 is behaving strangely (see here: Nonstop disk activity )

The mSATA is at “47%”, and I’d like to rule out the mSATA as part of the problem.

Can I remove the mSATA from the Drobo (while powered down, of course) without ill-effects?

Does anyone know anything about this, for sure?


Yes. As long as it is fully powered off and disconnected.
It becomes a 5D for awhile. :wink:

Thanks. Removing the mSATA has not convinced the Drobo to curtail the non-stop, furious, spurious disk activity. I’ve been working from home this week and this is driving me nuts.

Unmounting the 2 volumes doesn’t make a difference. I wish someone from Drobo would let me know if any one of these was true:

  • We know it’s been going for weeks, but it is doing something important, and it will stop some day, for sure, or
  • Something is really busted, sorry, the only solution is to reset and erase the device, or
  • Hmm, that’s not right, we’ll look at the logs you’ve uploaded and see if something can be done

Very frustrating.