Removal of Hard Drive Causes Dashboard to show Error

I needed to a disk to replace a failed drive in an iMac and as I had 7GB free on my Drobo I though I could remove one to the five 2TB disks
I followed the instructions about removing capacity on

My Drobo FS is set for single drive redundancy.

Firmware - 1.2.7 [4.45.10288]

Usage (After removal of 2TB Drive)
Used - 3.33 TB (62%)
Free - 2.07 TB (38%)
Total - 5.41 TB

Current Disk Slot Usage

1 2TB (Green)
2 2TB (Green)
3 2TB (Green)
4 2TB (Green)
5 ‘Add a drive’ (Red)

After removing the 2TB drive from Bay 5, The capacity and free space dropped to the values above which is more than the drop I was expecting i.e. down from 7TB free to 2TB free???

Both the physical device and the dashboard are displaying a red light for bay 5 and the dashboard is telling me that the “Drobo cannot protect your data against hard drive failures until you provide at least 2 hard drives for single disk redundancy or 3 hard drives for dual disk redundancy. Insert a new hard drive into the empty drive bay indicated by the red light to enable Drobo to protect your data against hard drive failures.”

As there are still 4 healthy 2TB drives installed, this message worries me :frowning:

Can you please advise if there is something I should be doing to get the drobo back on a healthy status

Thanks in advance

hi, for the free space part…

if you started out with five 5tb drives, in SDR mode
then usually you would end up with the size of 1 of them being used up for SDR, (eg the largest drive)
so that would give you 2+2+2+2 = 8tb of raw capacity.
usually the operating system takes up a bit of space, so *0.9 = about 7.2tb free

then if you removed one of the 2tb drives (or if one failed etc)
then that gave you the following:
2+2+2 = 6tb raw capacity (because sdr needs the size of your largest drive for protection, so 8tb - 2tb = 6tb.
*0.9 = 5.4tb approx.

so if you had about 3.3tb used for data then the free space of about 2tb sounds ok.
(hopefully this helps a bit to explain)

for the other part,
if you wait a while, does the drobo start flashing yellow and green lights and did it flash any lights earlier?