Remote Access

Can you access the Drobo FS from a remote location?


you can install an FTP server via drobo apps, you would then have to set up your router to let you in.

or if you can VPN in and see other computers on your network, you would also be able to browse the drobo.

FTP, SSH, SMB, HTTP, whatever rox ur boat, only thing is, DR is slow with updating FW and Dashboard and does NOT support apps, issues with password resets, unable to map drives, bugs etc etc.
Oxygen is rumored to be available soon but I doubt it.

That’s what I do: OpenVPN to my router then NFS to the DroboFS. I manage even to get iTunes to open my Library stored on the Drobo like that.

First off, I’m definitely a novice here. My goal is to be able to access the flies on my Drobo FS remotely.

I installed the Pure FTBd app on the Drobo successully, but I don’t know what to do next. Do i navigate to Drobo’s IP address via a web browser to gain remote access (and if so, how is that done?)

Thanks anyone in advance for your help. I really appreciate it

i am waiting eagerly for a good reply on the question set above as it is something that interests me as well…

worked it out on my own…works great…

I installed the OxygenCloud Drobo App and setup my own Private “Dropbox” to my DroboFS. I tried the PureFTP but didnt understand the setup


Would you mind giving a brief explanation of how you got it to work (the Pure-FTP)? Any leads at all would help.

Thanks, and happy New Year,

I haven’t set up the PureFTPd app, but I imagine the basic steps are:

  1. Follow what documentation there is for PureFTPd and make sure you can access it on your local network. Given the somewhat fragile nature of DroboApps (and DRI’s maddening complete lack of support, silence, etc on the topic) I’d follow whatever install instructions are included to the letter.
  2. Once you have verified that you can access your files locally (so you know the PureFTPd server is loading, accounts are set up, you can log in, and files can be read/written), configure your router to forward port 21 to the IP address of your Drobo.
  3. If possible, note down your public IP address (the one your router gets from your broadband provider - it will be the one NOT in the format of 10.* or 192.168.*) and make a test connection from outside your local network (so from work, a friend’s house, coffeeshop, etc). This way you can verify the port forwarding is working. Also note that FTP can be an absolutely devilish protocol to properly port forward and get through firewalls.
  4. Finally, if all is well and you can access the Drobo locally and remotely, the final step is to configure a dynamic domain name. Services like dyndns.org will allow you to create a domain name, then run a program on your local network to check for public IP address changes, and if it changes, the DNS entry is updated. That way, no matter what your IP changes to, you can always connect to your home network, and thus your Drobo.

One final thing you could do is rather than set up FTP, is use AFP, CIFS, or NFS and port-forward those. That way you don’t need to deal with setting up a DroboApp and that complexity, but there may be security issues surrounding it (especially if there is any anonymous/guest access allowed to your Drobo!).

I used to do a lot of this - port forwarding various services to various devices - but given the sheer number of things I might want to do (access files, admin things, remote shell access, etc) I finally set up a VPN. MUCH more seamless and simple to deal with, and much more secure to boot. Unfortunately, the initial setup tends to be far from trivial, which is why I hesitate to recommend it generally.

hi diamondsw (and others),

thank you so much for your detailed and very informative response. after doing a lot of reading online, i now think that creating a VPN would be the best solution for my needs.

would you (or anyone) be able to provide me with at least the basic instructions regarding setting up a VPN (we’re all using Mac systems, and again I have the Drobo FS). In order to do so, do I need to sign up with (pay for) a third-party VPN server/service, or is this something i can run straight off my Drobo? And if I need to use a hosting service, is there one that you would recommend?

I apologize for my relative ignorance when it comes to these things, but any help at all that you could provide would be incredibly appreciated.

Very best,


I am also interested in setting up a VPN (it’s the primary reason I registered to the forums). Like many others, I was drawn to the Drobo for its simplicity and need some help when it comes to setting up this sort of thing. Can anyone direct me to any sources or guides that would be useful?

Too those of you not technically inclined and looking for a easy, low config, “one click setup” way to set up a VPN, please check out this:


The free version of Hamachi is free for HOME use. Commercial use is another story, but I’m guessing if your looking into a simple VPN its not for a business.

It is VERY simple to use and install, and basically just involves you installing the app on one of the computers on the network with the Drobo, and on another computer you are going to be using to connected remotely. The nice thing about it is it does NOT require router configuration or messing with firewalls in most situations.

Thanks for the suggestion, FW. This looks like a great service, but the only problem is that it seems like I have to have a computer running on my home network in order to access the computer/network/Drobo remotely.

Is there a way to VPN (or anything else) directly into the Drobo without having to go through a computer that’s running on the network? My main desire in all of this is to be able to take my laptop on the road and be able to access the network and the Drobo from anywhere.

Thanks again for your help,


Ahhh yes, its not really tailored for you if you don’t have a PC you can leave on.

You might google YOURROUTERSMODELNUMBER + VPN and take a look at what options you have there.

Hmm, we probably should get OpenVPN compiled as a DroboApp… any volunteers?

Would it be possible to install Hamachi on the Drobo? There is a new updated version for linux but it is commandline only. I have installed it on a couple of my linux machines and it seems to OK for the moment. What flavor of of UNIX is the drobo running? This would be a great app for the Drobo!


The DroboFS runs Linux, but it’s not x86 - you’d have to cross-compile to ARM. There are some good instructions posted regarding doing this for OpenSSH - shouldn’t be too different for Hamachi.

I checked the TGZ file. There is no source there, just the binaries for x86. In other words, those won’t work on the FS.