Remote Access to DroboFS

I’ve had my DroboFS set up and am able to access it via my desktop (wired) and my laptop (wirelessly) through my local network. I travel a lot and would like to be able to access my DroboFS remotely.

I have DroboApps enabled and the share mounted. I’ve perused through the available Apps and have installed a few, but the information on these Apps is lacking. I can’t find any information on what the Apps actually do or how to use them.

So, can anyone point me in the proper direction to be able to access my DroboFS remotely?

Edit: If it matters, I’m running Windows Vista or 7 on all machines I would like to access the DroboFS from. Let me know if any more information is needed from me.


What is your home Internet connection, including any wireless/wired routers and modems?

To access anything on your home network, you’ll need to know your home network’s public IP first.
Usually this changes, so you can use a dynamic DNS service like to get a name that is easy to remember.

Many routers natively support dynamic DNS services, so if your router supports it, you just set it up there and you’re done.
If your router doesn’t support that, you’ll need a client on your network to update the DNS address. There’s probably a DroboApp for that (I haven’t looked recently).

After you can reliably get your home network’s address, then you need to open and forward ports on your router so you can access your FS from the outside world. You probably will want to install some kind of security or password there too - because anything your expose will be exposed to the entire Internet. There’s a high chance of hacking there.


You might just use a service like GoToMyPC or LogMeIn to remotely access a PC on your network from the outside world. It’s more secure than just opening and forwarding ports.

Or if there’s a cloud file-sharing sync to something like DropBox, you could just access DropBox from the outside world, and not open up your network to potential intrusion at all.

I am using a wireless router. I want to allow access to a certain share to a friend of mine without him using LogMeIn and gaining access to my entire machine.

Is this OxygenCloud app that’s supposed to come out going to allow this to happen?

I just don’t know enough about this and am looking for guidance.

Go into your router and look for something like DDNS or Dynamic DNS, easiest way, if it is not there, look for software to update DNS every once in awhile.

Go from there and update the thread.