remote access to drobo

other than Yoics is there another program that will allow me to access drobo via droboshare remotely.

I had a lot of difficulty dealing with Yoics and then I saw the issue about security and I dont want to be involved with Yoics.

if droboshare is NAS I should be able to get into it via the net from windows

Sure, the problem is not getting access to it. The problem is preventing everyone else in the net from doing the same.

You could, for instance, install an FTP server on it, just make sure that your router forwards connections to the DroboShare and that you are using good passwords.

There are a couple of ftp servers, a couple of http servers, and ssh. You just have to makes sure that you poke holes in your router so that you can access it from outside of your network. You might also want to consider getting a dynamic dns domain from some place like so that you don’t have to remember your router’s external IP address.
Good luck!