Relayout & Failed Drive

For the past 7 hours, my drobo has had the top drive bay blinking red, with all remaining drive bays blinking green / orange. My computer no longer recognizes and my mounted shares are no longer appearing in Finder (I’m on a Mac). Drobo Dashboard says that everything is fine with the Drobo and identifies all drives as operational and shows them with a green light. I was only at about 40% of capacity with dual redundancy setup.

Shouldn’t I be able to still access the Drobo’s files during this relayout process? My best guess is that the first drive failed and it is doing a relayout, but why does Drobo Dashboard not recognize this and why has my computer stopped “seeing” Drobo?

If you have dual disk redundancy setup, then it shouldn’t have to do any relayout. One of the drives failed and you are still RAID protected. The Drobo should still be accessible, though. Dashboard is not always the greatest working application. Shut it down, try a restart.