REFS file system in Server 2012

Will this work with Drobo?

I read a bit about ReFS, and while Microsoft claims it provides most of the same features found in NTFS, the underlying on-disk structures appear to be quite different.

Drobo’s BeyondRAID uses a limited understanding of the on-disk structures to work its magic (including thin provisioning, capacity awareness, and file-based redundancy). Without that understanding, it will treat the data as a large pile of mystery goo. I do not know if this means it will function properly in a sector-based RAID fashion or not. Certainly you’ve lost most of the reasons to use a Drobo.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for Drobo to support ReFS. When I bought my Drobo in 2008, Data Robotics claimed support for NTFS, HFS+, and FAT32, and “beta” support for ext2fs. In the 4 years since, the only change was to drop any mention of support for ext2fs or Linux.

It’s 100% based on NTFS. The new stuff is just in the metadata…

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