Reformat for >2Tb volumes

I have two 2Tb volumes on my Generation 2 Drobo. They originated under WinXP, hence the 2Tb limit.
I’m planning to move to a 5D, either by transferring the 4 drives from Drobo2 to 5D (in one go), or by simple copying. I have plenty of spare space to backup in case of disasters…

If moving the set of disks works, I’ll end up with two 2Tb volumes on the 5D, presumably.

I’ll want to extend the volumes capacities. Can I do it one volume at a time, or would I have to reconfigure the entire 5D in one “go”?

I believe it would be simpler to add blank drives to your 5D and provision the volume size to maximum, then copy the data over from your older Drobo. If you don’t have disks available, you will have to back up all of your data, format the 5D and set the volume size again.

Indeed, it would be simpler to add blank drives to the 5D, but I’d have a shortfall on space at the outset.
I don’t have the 5D yet, I’m saving up for that, and inevitably the cheapest one on Ebay will come with no drives. I have one spare 4Tb drive, for the DroboV2 (if drive fails) or the 5D, when it arrives.
But I can’t commission the 5D with enough space to copy the DroboV2 data, currently 2.21Tb

I can use the spare space on on two 3Tb external drives to tide me over, but then I’d be exposed to data loss from a single drive failure.

I plan to migrate the two 3Tb external USB drives into the 5D as soon as possible, but that can’t happen until I have one more spare drive. Perhaps I should rent some 3/4Tb drives from somewhere! Anyone who’s upgraded their Drobo from 3Tb drives to 4Tb drives would have their old 3Tb drives gathering dust somewhere. :slight_smile:

I suppose I’ll just have to learn to be patient. I was planning to fill the 5D with 4Tb drives as funds become available. That’s about one drive every two months.