"reformat" Drobo to higher volume size & replacing drives

Hi everybody,

as I am already here, I have two other short question concerning the Drobo … :slight_smile: Would be nice if you have a short answer for me. Thanks in advance!!!

  1. When I got this baby, I formated it for the volume size of 4TB. As time goes by and hard drives get bigger, I will someday exceed this usable space. I know that in this case, the Drobo will show a second drive - however, I would like to “re-format” the Drobo to a higher volume size then (to keep only one single drive) without losing data. Will there be a chance to do so or will my only possibility be to shovel all my data to other drives, then reformat and erase the Drobo completely and after that shovel all the data back? I’m afraid so, but mabye this can be changed in the future with a Firmware update …? (Dunno if possible or if this general problem can’t be solved with software) Sorry if this question was asked before, but I searched the forum and didn’t find the answer.

  2. As you never really know when the Drobo (re-)writes some data on the Drobo for a few seconds (which happens even when it is not used at this moment): Is it always save to change a drive - even if it could start to write in this special second - or is it more safe to change a drive in standby or power off? Judging by the the official Drobo video, I don’t have to worry about that, but I wanna be sure and safe.

If somebody has the time for an answer, it would be very appreciated. Thanks a lot!

  1. If you want to reformat, yes, you have to migrate your data off of the drobo and reformat to the larger volume size. Drobo does not support resizing partitions.

  2. You can either hot swap your drive when all the drive lights are green. Or you can properly shut down your drobo (NOT standby) and swap out a drive that way. The key thing to remember, do NOT remove a drive when the drive lights are blinking green/amber.

Thanks a lot for your answers, Jennifer! Really helpful!!