Red solid lights after replacement of disc

I have a 4-bay-Drobo with four 4TB drives inside. Drobo Dashboard told me with a red light that I have to replace the second drive from below with a bigger one. I shot down the Drobo, replaced the drive, added a new 6TB drive and switched it on again. Now the following happens:

  • The 4 lights on the tight are off, then after ~30 sek all four are solid red, that they switch off again, then after ~30 sek they are solid red and so on
  • The 10 lights on the bottom are off and every now and then all 10 are blue for a second and they they switch of again
  • Drobo Dashboard cannot find the Drobo

This is running for ~2 hours now.
Is this behaviour ok?

Are the HDDs running - can you hear/feel them spinning?

Just an aside, you should replace HDDs whilst the Drobo is running, this MAY be the reason it is confused on the new 6TB.

Thank you for the hint.
But what can I do now?

So are the HDDs spinning or are they stationary?

Hi. I don’t understand your question. The HDDs are in the Drobo - stationary.
Regards, Axel

I’m sorry if my question was misleading. Are your HDDs spinning up or are they inactive?

Hi. There are noises. I think they are spinning.

OK. You can touch them to confirm they are spinning (check all - especially your new HDD).
If they are spinning, are there any lights at the moment?

Do you mean that I should switch it on again?
Drobo is currently shut down.
Please confirm