Red Light Wont go off


Got a drobo Elite, Used for a while and no problems other than its slow.

But red light came on the first drive and got the popup saying unable to protect data.

So popped drive out and did some tests on it and it was full of bad sectors.

So replaced drive with a brand new one. But red light still on.

The drobo is 73% used

So does not make sense it needs more space. Plus I cant put more in it anyway as its maxed out.

The drive surely needs rebuilding as its a replaced drive.

But i cant get the Drobo to do anything with it, other than see it.

Any ideas.


Try rebooting the Drobo, then let it sit for a while and it will probably go into the rebuild.

I’ve seen it happen a few times where it needs that little encouragement to start the rebuild. As far as I know it would only show that red light if it is over 95% or if it needs to go into the rebuild but hasn’t yet.

well rebooted it and its still red. Now says 69% used. Will see in morning if it has started doing anything

If the drive was marked bad and the bay was flashing red (sounds like it was), then Drobo should have started the rebuild when the drive got marked (a bad drive gets removed from the drive pack, so very close to popping the drive out).

When you removed the bad drive and added a new one, Drobo should have just instantly added the new drive and its capacity to the pack.

It shouldn’t be solid red with only 69% used…

Might be good to run Chkdsk (Win) or Disk Repair (Mac) to see if there might be any filesystem errors creeping up.

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