red light on empty slot

I just received my second drobo (2nd gen.) two weeks ago and populated it with one 2TB drive to begin with. it is daisy-chained to my other drobo (2nd gen.).
since the beginning the new drobo has had a red light at the top most slot. I inserted the first drive there but it wasn’t recognized so I put it into the second.
now I want to add another 2TB drive, but it still doesn’t recognize the drive in the first slot…
could it be that the slot is broken somehow? can I verify this? it doesn’t say anything in the dashboard (other than add another drive). or am I overlooking something obvious here?[hr]
nevermind my post. I just found the answer on the knowledgebase:
red light in the first slot means data cannot be protected (obviously with only one drive). I added teh second drive in the third slot, and voila, the red light disappears.
sorry for polluting this board with a useless thread…

No problem[hr]
But if the first drive wasn’t recognized in the first slot, it indicates a problem the slot

I can try putting the second drive in the first slot after rebuild is done (in about 6 hours).
I’m assuming it will be OK to switch slots after the rebuild?

Yes. Power it down, put a drive from a working slot in there and power it back up and see what it says

thanks for your quick response, I appreciate it.
I will report back after rebuild.

I did exactly as you said and I now have my drives in the 2 top slots and no more red light.
thanks again for your help!

excellent, glad its all nicely sorted :slight_smile: