Red Light on Drobo - Yellow on Dashboard


On one of my Drobos, a Drobo Disk Pack, I have a red light on the Drobo itself but a yellow light (for the same drive) on the Drobo Dashboard.

Can anyone tell me if this drive needs to be replaced?


hi if you shutdown dashboard and relaunch it, does anything change?

usually if its red, its saying that you are getting low on space, (if you recently modified a lot of data, eg put a lot there, maybe it just needs a bit of time for the unit and dashboard to fully update/synchronise info etc?

how long has it been like that for btw?

Orange = low on space - replace the drive with a larger one soon
Red = very low on space - replace the drive with a larger one now
Blinking Red = drive failure - replace the drive ASAP
(is says that right on the back side of the front cover :P)

The Drobo itself and the Dashboard each seem to have their own ever so slightly different methods of calculating free space. Sometimes it could take few/dozen/hundred megabytes for the Dashboard to catch up and there’s also a slight delay. You’ll probably see the light turn red on the unit itself as well in a while.