Red light - not blinking


my Drobo has been running for years without problems. The setup is:

4 drives: 750 GB, 2000 GB, 750 GB and 500 GB. Data usage: 20%, 80% free. In the last few weeks I have an interesting phenomenon. When I start the computer - Mac - the first drive has a red light, not blinking - indicating that the drive is close to full. After about 30 sec to 1 min it turns into green and everything is back to normal.

Any ideas what I should do?



hi, one good thing would be to wait until all green and back to normal etc,
and then to generate a diagnostics log…

and raise a ticket to ask support if they can please help indicate if that top slot drive has a problem.

(technically, if dashboard sees the drobo, it might let you run a diagnostic log, but i think it’s best to wait until all are green).

you can also try watching the dashboard screens closely, during bootup of drobo, to see if any more details / messages are shown.

You should also run a filesystem check, as it’s up to the connected device to maintain the filesystem integrity, not Drobo (unless it’s an FS or N Drobo).