Red Light During Rebuild

I have replaced a 2TB drive with a new 4TB drive on my 5FS. The rebuild process started normally. I came back 8 hours later and the new drive is blinking Red (on and off) and the other 4 drives are blinking Orange and Green. I can no longer connect to the Drobo over the network.

There is enough space on the remaining drives to accommodate the loss of the drive.

36 hours later and the Drobo is still in this state.

Should I continue to wait for the rebuild? Should I replace the blinking drive with the previous drive now or wait for the remaining drives to go solid green?

Thank you.

hi, it could be that the 4tb drive that you initially replaced, encountered a failure, and that the other drives are still rebuilding.

usually a rebuild will take about 1day per 1tb of data that you have, so i think its good if you could wait at least twice this long (depending on when the 2nd rebuild triggered) before trying anything else.[hr]
btw its ok sometimes access is stopped during rebuilds depending on the complexity/severity.