Red light after small drive removal? Confused.

I have a DroboPro with 5x500GB, 3x1TB, single disk redundancy, 1x8TB NTFS volume.

2.75TB in use

I pulled out 1 500GB drive assuming the drobo would re-layout the array. During this time I expected it would be flashing lights.

Instead, I got a solid red light (on the now empy drive bay) and a drobo critical alert: Drobo cannot currently protect your data against hard drive failures.

It says I must increase capacity by inserting a new drive in the red slot.

The capacity calculator shows I should be able to have 3.6TB for data.

What’s going on?


you are correct, with that amount of free space you should be able to remove a drive and have it rebuild safely onto your remaining 7

sometimes it is a little slow to realise it can do this, often a reboot (or the drobopro) is require. try shutting it down then restarting, see if it will rebuild then.

I tried restarting the drobo a couple of times, that didn’t have any effect. I left it running overnight and today it is ‘rebuilding’.

Using the notice emails as a guide it took about 5 hours before it started to rebuild:

7:20pm critical drobo alert: Drobo cannot protect your data
12:18am drobo warning: Data protection is in progress

Seems like a really long time for the Drobo to wait to begin the relayout, not sure why you would wait 5 hours.

maybe it was waiting to see if you were going to add another, its very hard to say, it shouldn’t have waited that long thought.

if you are curious you can pull a log file and send it to DRI and they will let you know what it was doin g- but wait until after its finished rebuilding before taking a diagnostic from it.

The external communications (including whatever triggers alerts) seem noticeably delayed when a relayout is in progress.

I noticed this when I accidentally knocked a drive loose. The “drive removed” message came pretty quickly, but it took about 20 minutes before Drobo Dashboard told me it was in relayout, even though it had already started.

I think this is because the relayout has higher priority than any of the other Drobo functions.