Red led ?

I have a 4-way Drobo with 4Tb | 4Tb | 2Tb | 2Tb installed and Dashboard reports 1.09 TB free space.

Then when I add some files while the free space goes down to 1.08 Tb free space Drobo gives a warning that it is low on protected free space, turns on the third led on the Drobo in red with the message to replace this disk with a bigger one.

I am flabbergasted by this behaviour, why this need when more than 1Tb available?

Anyway, I don’t want this red led, I had troubles enough in the past Drobo losing connection with the 4th disk which required the backup (restore) procedure lasting more than 4 days.

I have searched for an option in the Dashboard to override the red led but was unable to find it.

Any help or explanation is appreciated.

hi rebel, can i check if all the other drive lights are solid green, and that the 3rd led is a solid red light, and not a flashing red?

if the others are solid, and just 3rd led is solid red, then i think its just a case that the drobo will usually indicate a solid red led, for the 1st, smallest drive that you have.
in this case, your 3rd led is the first smallest (2tb) drive that you have.

as far as i remember, the drobo usually shows a yellow solid light, when the used space reaches about 85% full
and solid red when around 95% full.

in your case, as you have 4+4+2+2TB = 12TB raw
12tb -4 (for sdr redundancy) = 8TB actual
8TB (*0.9 for filesystem overheads) = about 7.2TB usable

can you check in dashboard when you get a chance, what the Used space is showing you?