Red and Green blinking lights

Sometime this weekend my my Drobo (4 Bay) starting blinking all 4 bays red and green. The Dashboard does not recognize my Drobo and it does not appear anywhere on My Computer. My second 4 bay Drobo and is fine and recognized. Need some help on what may have happened and what I can do to fix this, Thank you.


hi cheryl,
can i check in case these lights are possibly flashing amber and green? (if so, your drobo could have experienced a drive failure and rebuilding at the moment). It could be something else, though would be good to confirm the above first before trying other things, just as some other users have also mentioned amber as red or orange too.

not sure I can tell the difference. Looks red to me. They are all flashing not just one. Has been going on for at least 3 days but contains a huge number of images-7 blue dots worth. Have not recently changed anything. Dashboard does not recognoze that it is attached

thanks for more info cheryl,
if it is still blinking like that with green as well, i think it may be doing its rebuild. are you able to leave it a bit more to see if it completes on its own? (if you can remember how much data you had on your drobo, for example how many TerraBytes you had, we could try to work out how much more time it might need to keep flashing like that)

for example, it usually takes about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have on it, to do a rebuild/recovery.
(the 7 blue dots probably indicate that your drobo was only about 70% full, so if you are not sure how much data you had on it, but in case you can remember what size of drives you had inside it, we could probably still work it out that way too)

am just trying to see if we can wait a mimimum amount of time, just in case it’s rebuilding, before we try something else. (by the way when a drobo rebuilds, it can in some rarer cases, become unavailable to the computer or dashboard, and usually returns again after all lights have stopped blinking and are solid lights, ideally green)


The lights are still blinking so it has been a week. The drives are probably all 1 or 2 TB each.

thanks cheryl, sorry i couldnt get into the forum on friday.

if we use 2TB as the drive sizes, that probably works out like this:
2TB x4 drives = 8TB max capacity
8TB -2TB (for Single Drive Redundancy SDR) = 6TB actual capacity

(its actually a bit less, as the drobo uses a bit for filesystem overhead, and you also only had about 70% used, but under usual circumstances, it probably would have needed about 5 days)

if it is still flashing those lights, and you can wait a little bit more say another couple of days please if you can…
and in case you can not wait anymore, can you try exiting dashboard, and restarting dashboard to see if dashboard can find it again.

and then if not found, can you try shutting down the computer and when that has fully shut down, to wait about 5 minutes to see if the drobo still continues doing what it is doing, and if it does continue, can you then please remove the data connection cable from the mac and drobo.

If the drobo does stop, (or if the drobo does not stop what it is doing), then you could try to power it off, and to wait 5 minutes, and then to turn it back on again to see what it does…
for example, does it boot up as normal (with the blue led lights lighting up from 1 through to 10 (usually filling up from right to left) and then does the drobo go into standby mode, (since it is not connected to a computer) or does it continue doing its Red and Green flashing?

I will give it until Fri or Sat. thanks. i will let you know what happens

(ok thanks cheryl)

OK. Not changed so I shut off computer and unplugged the cords and when I booted back up I had the same problem. This happened twice. I tried again later and when it came back up the Dashboard recognized it and I had a flashing red (drive failed) light. So I replaced the drive and it went back to the previous flashing except the computer now recognizes the Drobo and says it is in data protection mode and it appears they are green and amber lights. It estimates it will take almost 60 hours so I guess I and see if it all works then.

thanks for the update cheryl,
i think if dashboard is now seeing it, and mentioning that data protection is in progress, it is making some progress…

the 60 hour estimate might flutuate a bit, (and the drobo might lose access from the computer and dashboard) but at least it looks like it is doing a proper rebuild (with the message and the flashing amber and green lights)

im hoping that the drobo will finish and end up with solid lights (ideally green), and that your data will be accessible again, (thanks for being patient and just in case there are any more problems with drives, there will also be something else we can try if needed - but hopefully it will stabalise)

All lights solid green and all contact intact. Thanks for your help.

ah thanks cheryl, thats nice to hear

Hi there. I’m having the same issue although it has been flashing for a solid week. The thing also that the drobo will disrupt my boot sequence when restarting my computer. the drobo that i am using is around 8 years old and I have a feeling its on its last legs.

hi dom kardum
i have also experienced some issues with my computer if a usb device was plugged in during a shutdown or a restart (usually a restart), where in some cases it hanged until the usb cable was removed… maybe in your case you could try shutting down and then once your computer is powered off, you could try removing the usb cable from your computer (or firewire if that is what you have currently) and as far as i know the drobo should still continue its rebuild… this way you can still do your restart of the computer, and hopefully your rebuild should finish slightly quicker (in case something was accessing it while connected)

btw if your drobo is rebuilding with flashing yellow and green lights like cheryls was, then it usually takes about 1day per 1TB of data that you have. the older models are much slower, but hopefully you can try to correlate a bit between how much data you had and we can try and work out how much more it might take for your rebuild to finish.

btw 8 years is pretty good :slight_smile: i think ive had my gen2 for about 7 so far :slight_smile: