Recovery Options for Failing Drobo?

Looking for options available to me to recover my data. What options are I missing with this list? I would love to see others’ success stories recovering their data, as I am getting discouraged. :slight_smile:

  1. Use this drobocommunity site/forum for help
  2. Purchase DroboHelp for email-based support
  3. Use a data recovery service, such as OnTrack or Drivesavers. Are there others?
  4. Purchase software to perform recovery myself (Google showed me ReclaiMe, for example)
  5. Other options?

In short, my Drobo has been in Data Recovery mode for quite some time. Initially, it was possible to copy files off, but access diminished over time, and now, mounting the drive is not possible. The “details” link is to the recap of what’s happening with my Drobo, provided only if you would care to see more or if it helps you suggest data recovery options.