Recovering family memories

I have a bit of a quandary.

My father had a Gen1 that he set up many years ago. After he passed my mother continued to save photos and documents to it (but of course not update it or anything).

The box has died but the disks are still good. My mother is devastated.

I found an unused (still had film om it) Gen1 on eBay but when I insert the drives it says firmware is wrong version (it is on 1.0.1)

I have searched but I cannot find the last firmware that was compatible with a Gen1 (1.3.8 I believe)

Can anyone point me towards a download location for the last Gen1 firmware before it became unsupported? It would really be appreciated.

You may have to call or email Drobo support to get firmware for the Gen1.

Thank you for the reply

I have already reached out to them with (at least so far) no response.

You might try playing with the wayback machine (internet archive) a cursory glance at 2008 (crossover from gen 1 to gen 2) shows links for the drobo dashboard available under support, I didn’t go digging deep for possible links to firmware.

It’s possible an older dashboard might play nicer with an old Drobo or possibly pull updates.

Firmware downloads appear to be here but only seem to go back as far as the Gen 2.

Is it certain the old box itself is dead? It’s frequently just the power supply, if you still have it, try the power supply from the replacement unit.

If all else fails according to the migration page matrix, it should be possible to put the disk pack in a later 4 bay Drobo (gen 2 or 3) but be aware that’s a one way trip, once the pack is migrated it can’t be read in the older box. I’d save that one for a last resort.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I already tried wayback machine with no luck.

Yes, the machine is definitely dead, Two slots have power and two do not. Checked for bad caps and obviously blown components.

Already paid for one box. There is a limit to how much I can justify spending.

Kind of stinks they don’t keep the old firmware online. I understand dropping support but it is a real disservice to customers to just drop the links to older firmware and software when it would cost practically nothing to keep them online. Tells you about their commitment to customers.


Well here’s hoping support get back to you, it’s possible, by all appearances the one thing they aren’t is fast.
To be fair to them I think they’re snowed under with problems with Apple’s latest update, supply problems, & possibly staffing issues given the ongoing Covid situation.