Recovering Deleted Files

I am attempting to recover video files that were accidentally deleted on my Drobo drive. Using a Drobo 5N, there were a few hundred home video files, family events and such, and the folder holding files was accidentally deleted. Due to the size of the folder, Windows skips the recycle bin and does a permanent delete. In the past, I’ve used the program RECUVA to find and restore such files, but I’ve never done it on a Drobo. So, now, using RECUVA, I run it on the Drobo, and upon scanning it sees all my video files without issue. When I proceed to do the restore, it will restore successfully. When I try to play the video files it recovered, they will not play. Says the MP4 files are unplayable. I’ve used GOM Player and VOB Player, with no luck. So, its not a codec issue, because these played here fine before deleting.

So… my question is… does it have something to do with Drobo? Is the recovery of deleted files on Drobo different, hence not making it possible? Or, is there some other way I can try to recover these files that I do see in recovery scans, and I haven’t overwritten the drive sectors?

Not specific to your Drobo - but can you run one of your files through Handbrake and export them as another *.mp4 file and see if that corrects it? I have had some success previously when a video file had been degraded.