Recovering Data after Drobo crash

I thought until now that DROBO had closed and was out of business. I tried, unsuccessfully, in contacting them approximately six months ago.

First off let me preface with the fact that I’m not a computer literate person and most of the information I get with some videos goes right over my head. The problem I have is with my 5d Thunderbolt. My Drobo stopped powering up so I replaced the power brick and it lasted for a day working perfectly fine, then the next morning it would no longer power up. A friend of mine looked at it and found some circuitry that was burnt. So while he was trying to repair the circuitry, I purchased an additional D5 used on eBay.

My thinking was I could load my drives in it, but before I did that I watched some YouTube videos on the process. The information that stopped me from loading the drives, was that the video said that if it didn’t have the same firmware, that it would automatically reformat the drives and that I could lose all my data. So I looked into having my data recovered. The prices I was given ranged from $2500.00 to $8000.00, so that wasn’t a sound option. At that time I didn’t have the ability to check what version of software I had, because when I started the process of switching Drobos, I had an IT guy come over to do some maintenance and he updated my Drobo dashboard while getting ready to setup the new one I had bought from eBay.

I got the one back my friend fixed that had the burnt circuitry. I never powered it up because he was not convinced it was completely repaired. So, my question to you all is, is it true that it will re-format if I plug these drives into the new one, and once it re-formats the drives, will I lose all of my photos? Do you have any suggestions on how I should proceed?

I left out that I have a Synology 1621+ coming in the next day or so, with hope that I’ll be able to load my drives from the original Drobo after I retrieve my data from them. I also have 2 new drives I bought for the newer Drobo that I haven’t used yet.

If anyone knows what I should do to get my data recovered more affordability, and or if there’s a possibility of using the other used Drobo I got without losing everything I’d truly appreciate it.

If you put the entire set of drives in the replacement with it powered off you should be ok, keep them in the same order. DO NOT add them singly.
As to firmware you’re also OK with the same or newer, so update the second-hand one before adding the drives.

Thank you