Recover data from failed 5D


I have a client’s 5D device which has failed. It powers on but after several minutes just goes off.

I’ve tried a replacement power supply but had no success.

If I get a replacement 5dD (assuming I can get one) will the data be visible if I just put the drives in it or is the data lost?

Thanks in advance


Yes it should work. Some guidance though.

Ensure the recipient 5D Drobo has the latest firmware loaded first, and power down.
Ensure the donor machine is completely powered down.
Mark the HDD array in order and remove.
Insert the array in the same order/bay in the donor Drobo

Thanks for your reply.

I assume it HAS to be the same model?

My model has P/N 917-00001-002 on it no SSD

Do you know if it will be compatible with one I’ve found on Ebay P/N 917-00001-001 which also has a 240Gb SSD Cache Drive

The SSD would not affect the operation of the donor array. The SSD is also removable as well and it’s absence will not affect the Drobo operation.

The donor array should also work in a 5D3.

Thanks for your advice