Reconfigure Drobo5N

i have a drobo5n that has been previously configured to have a static ip, now that drobo has been moved and that network no longer exists, how do i connect to the drobo to reconfigure it? drobo dashboard does not see it.

any help would be appreciated.


Hi Robert,

  • If you knwo the IP-Adress of the 5N, my proposal is to change the IP-Adress from the Router/Switch and your System to the IP of the Drobo (same Subnet as the Drobo IP).
    Then you sould see the Drobo in the Desboard.
    According to the Manual you can change the IP-Adress to Automatical DHCP

  • If you dont knwo the IP of the N use a “network analyse program” like Wireshark to check the Adress of the Drobo and follow the above steps.

hope this will help you.

Hello hsc and thanks for your reply, i wasn’t able figure out how to switch the 5N to DHCP without logging in through DD. i was, however, able to find the original sitch and setup the original subnet and once that was done i could connect through DD and reconfigure it.

thanks for your help.