Recalculate 5N2 Used Space

I have a 5N2 with 5 4Tb drives and it is showing that all of the 14.35Tb of spaces being used. It was, but I cleaned out ~1.5-2TB of space and the Drobo is still showing that it is full. I’d like to see about removing files before needing to increase the drives. Cheap! :wink:

Is there a “Trash Bin” that I need to empty in order to reclaim that space? Is there a way to have the device check the drives to see the space? I have rebooted it, to no avail.

Is there a way to check the individual ‘Share’ folder sizes and capacities?

Thanks in advance

Do a reboot. Sometimes it takes a while for the capacity meter to update.

Thanks for the thought.

I have done that several times before, I will try it again.