Rebuilding my Drobo seems to take an eternity

Dear Drobofriends: Background - I have just updated my computer last saturday night while alone in the house, needed a bit of quietness for the job. Job was done, and I decided to take a full backup of my systempartition ©. If things go wrong, I don’t have the time to fiddle around, everything is then copied back.

System: Drobo gen2 with 2x4tb and 2x2 tb. Before upgrade I had 4x2tb.

This is what happened: 1. bay with a 2tb hdd blinks red, a message says something like: “Your Drobo can not protect your data, one hdd is critically full. Please replace it with a bigger hdd”. So in goes the first 4tb harddisk and I suddenly have enough space for protecting my data, but no more available for use - as exprected. After 4 days of rebuilding green lights are constand, but 2. bay is red. So another trip to the shop is carried out and in goes the second 4tb hdd. in bay 2. I think this happened on sunday and the rebuilding is still going on. The time estimate given by the “Dashboard” are grossly incorrect. Currently I have used approx. 5,4 tb. Is it possible that the Drobo can go into a constant loop of some kind? I found an article from the knowledgebase about extended rebuilding times. It suggested disconneting the power cord and then connecting it again. I did that a day ago, but it is still rebuilding. What can I do if this takes more than let’s say 6 days assuming 1tb takes 24 hrs.? The activity light has long periods of inactivity and I have a feeling the harddisks spins down sometimes? That should not happen during rebuild, in my opinion. Should I just wait this calmly out for another couple of days. Shouldn’t the activity light more or less be on all the time when rebuilding? Many thanks for all the answers beforehand.


is the progress bar actually climbing?

The activity light basically only flashes during data transfers - i.e. copying to or from it over the network

It does NOT show what is happening inside your drobo. So it is normal for it to be off during a rebuild.

“but no more available for use - as exprected.”

if you had just added a drive 2tb larger - i would have expected more available to use?!