Rebuild question

First of all, my Drobo has been working great for quite a while. Turned on the htpc before leaving for work b/c i had a movie to record. Came home, all lights flashing orange, and no movie was recorded. now it says it will take 93 hours to rebuild…wth?

anyway, can i still record data to the drobo while its doing its thing? would this be impossible or would it add time to what is already a lengthy process?

os - winxp pro
1st gen drobo
usb connection

4 drives = 2 x 1tb + 2 x 1.5tb

You should be able to read and write from/to the Drobo while relayout is taking place. It might slow things down a little, but it won’t endanger the data. Just don’t pop a disk out until the lights turn green.

i think what i might do is set the c drive as the default recording drive instead of my drobo…at least until the drobo finishes its stuff. i just don’t know why its doing the process in the first place…only thing i can think of is somehow a drive got unrecognized and then recognized, maybe thinking a drive was lost and replaced…nothing else makes sense. 350+ HD movies take a lot of space :slight_smile:

I think that usually, if Drobo starts blinking green/orange, it’s because there has been some failure, and Drobo is relaying out your data so that the array will be fault-tolerant again.

hmm, yea, some sort of failure…i wish the dashboard would give more insight into the failure.

You can pull a log and decode it.

ok, but how do i get the drobo to output a diagnostic file?

On a Mac, it’s Drobo Dashboard > Get Diagnostic Information.

Careful, i’m sure I read a post recently that generating diagnostic info during a relayout causes the relayout to restart.

Here it is http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=638&pid=4113#pid4113

incidentally, i always use my primary drive for recording tv, just because its faster & isnt affected by reading from the drive at he same time (if i played back an HD movie from drobo i woudlnt fancy my chances of it being able to keep up with the writing caused by recording to it simultaneously), then i have a batch file which runs daily to move recordings onto drobo, freeing up space on my system drive

Yes, pulling a diagnostic file while the drobo is in relayout causes the relayout process to start over or take longer can also cause the Drobo to reboot which you do NOT want during a relayout process.

… isn’t this a severe bug that should be addressed by engineering?

No, that’s why we don’t pull diagnostics from drobo’s that are in relayout.

But somebody might do it by accident or out of curiosity.

Shouldn’t the option at least be greyed out if the Drobo is in the middle of a rebuild?

Yikes! Sorry about this-I didn’t know that it caused re-relayout.

yep, that would be nice, but my C is too small (its a very old system)
I just revisited this thread out of curiousity and since i’m planning to upgrade my htpc from winxp to win7, and a full version of win7 must be install clean, i will upgrade my primary drive to a larger one and take this advice…great ideas all around.

and as for my initial problem (sorry for not getting back, i really hate when folks leave things hanging without resolve, i’m such a bonehead) I had a 2tb drive fail, it was a seagate and was under warranty, so i got it replaced for free.

I love my drobo! (except its too loud for my htpc environment)