Rebuild Question

I’ve put a 5th drive into my Drobo FS (only had 4 in there before) and it has been recognised and the Dashboard says it has the new space.

How long should a rebuild take?
I have about 2.2TB on the 4 original drives but this new one always seems to have had the green light on and never flashed green and orange.

I cant believe that it is done already, or is it?


Adding drives is always quite fast. Drobo will rearrange the data in the background. You may not get peak performance until it’s done with its background optimizations, but the new storage will be available.

Removing drives, on the other hand, can be a lengthy process as Drobo has to re-establish the data stored on the removed drive as well as the protection data.

Thanks Brandon.

Is there no visual indication that it is rearranging the data?
There doesn’t seem to be anything and it would just be nice to know when its definitely done so I can turn off if I need to.

Correct, there is no visual indication of background optimization.

The FS is a bit different from the direct-attach Drobos (which will go to standby when there’s nothing to be done), but it should put the drives to sleep.

Drobos in general are designed to be left powered up and use very little power when idle. My Gen2 Drobo takes longer to cold boot than my computer does. :slight_smile:

Good point I’ll just wait for the drives to spin down.

I wont be turning it off very often but might need to shut it down in a couple of days to get some electrics sorted in my house. Thanks for confirming it for me. Happier knowing that it is doing what it should be now :slight_smile: