Reboot required after drive failure

My Drobo FS suffered a drive failure a few days ago. While I didn’t lose any data, I was unable to access any of the FS’s shares until I rebooted the unit. I was able to ssh into the unit, but the Shares directory and all of its contents were no longer mounted so I couldn’t access them that way, either.

After a reboot, I was able to access my shares while the unit recovered from the drive failure (I have set 2-drive failure protection) and the unit has since returned to all-green status on the remaining drives. But I don’t understand why the unit’s shares became inaccessible immediately after the drive failure.

Shouldn’t the unit continue to provide access to my data after a drive failure without a reboot?

This is not the first time this has happened; the unit suffered a drive failure several months ago with the same result. After a reboot I was able to access the shares then, too.

Anyone else come across this?

Firmware 1.2, dashboard 2.0.3, four 1-TB drives (one now dead).

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