Real World Performance: Drobopro vs. FW800 drive

Nothing substantial as far as the methodology goes but worth noting … I did a SuperDuper clone of my boot drive to both the DroboPro (attached via iSCSI on a dedicated NIC) and to a FW800 drive (OWC striped pair of 500G drives) attached locally via FW800. The boot drive has just over 125 gigs of space used on it.

DroboPro: approx 8.5 hours, with SD saying effective copy speed of about 3.5MB/sec

FW800 drive: approx 2.5 hours with SD saying effective copy speed of about 12MB/sec

These figures (especially the effective copy speed) don’t mean that much, but the amount of time taken does as it’s a fairly “real world” type of test. Also worth noting that while the SD clone was copying on to the DroboPro I constantly had dropouts with it. Even an mp3 file playing in iTunes (with the library on the drobopro) would stop for 3-10 seconds about every minute or so.

I do hope that these issues can get sorted out sooner than later.

On continuous large file copies (100GB to 1TB) to the DroboPro with dual redundancy, I get about 25 MB/s sustained performance over a dedicated iSCSI segment. (I previously reported higher speeds for short periods, but it turns out that Win2K8R2 buffers file copies into RAM so I need to look at the read and write speeds separately.) In my tests, reads from and writes to the DroboPro are just as “fast”.

To a network share on a 1.5TB drive on any server or desktop, I get sustained 100MB/s over shared gigabit Ethernet.

@per - tell us about the system you are copying from? What type of bandwidth is it capable of supporting? Why?

Sure. I have a pretty standard, modern workstation: Intel Q9450 (quad-core 2.66 GHz) processor, Intel DQ35JO motherboard, 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate RTM. My server has almost identical specs, but with Windows Server 2008 R2 RTM and two extra network cards, one for the Hyper-V virtual LAN and one for DroboPro. The hosts are connected via gigabit Ethernet with a low-end HP switch, and the DroboPro is on a dedicated direct iSCSI link.

I have several 0.75 to 1.5 TB SATA drives on the server. With network shared folders, SMB large file copies from the desktop to any server folder have routinely gone through at 98 to 101 MB/s over the past 15 months. Command prompt and file explorer give the same results. So when copying a 100 GB VHD file, I know it will take around 1000 seconds, or less than 20 minutes, as the performance is constant and sustainable, no stalling even on copies lasting for hours. From server to desktop, performance is slightly lower.

I would expect others to experience the same performance, since there is no tuning or tweaking involved in the hardware or software, besides making sure that jumbo packets are enabled in the network card driver and regularly defragging the drives (see www.mydefrag.com). The server is running a few low-load virtual machines at the same time, but otherwise the machines are idle.

Moving to DroboPro, my copies progress at a pretty constant 25 MB/s.

Just for the record I’m waiting on a replacement unit from DRI. We’ll see what happens with the new unit!

Gerk, I’m also receiving a new unit. Let’s see if they are speedier (I’m sceptic)

With the new unit nothing changed. Same performance speed, same dropouts. I really hope they can get this resolved in the short term otherwise this drobopro is going the way of the Dodo bird very soon and I’ll build my own RAID6 setup.

Same here. New one, old problems!