Ready for connection / brobo undetected


We’re trying to connect the Drobo by USB to a Alienware XPS Laptop.
All the USB ports works fine for anything else.

But when we plug the Drobo in it, it does … nothing.
Device manager -> nothing, even unkown stuff: nada.
My computer: no drive related to the Drobo.
Drobo dashboard 1.7.3: ready for connexion.

When we plug the power in the drobo, connected to the computer, it boot up just well, then fall asleep and never open back. (Except if I unplug the power, then plug it back in… boot… wait… fall asleep again)

Which Drobo?
Does it have drives in it?
Are any lights on?
Did you try another USB cable?

It’s the default 4 drive version. I don’t have it in front of me, but it’s supposed to be updated to the latest firmware.
Yes, 4 drives are in.
About the light, they seem normal, the boot up sequence goes normal until the 4 green light are solid green… until the drobo felt asleep (all the light turns off).
The cable is the same one as we already used on the other machine. Maybe it just broke right now, but it would be surprising. However, it will be the next thing we’ll try to replace.

Any other hints ?

It goes to sleep if it’s not hooked to a USB port. Make sure that the cable is firmly home in the back of the Drobo, I’ve had problems with a few cables that don’t go in all the way.

Check the device manager in your operating system to see if the computer can see anything connected. I assume you are on some flavour of Windows so I can’t tell you exactly how to do it (Mac and Linux here…)

For Windows folks… Windows key+Pause(Break) to get to properties of My Computer, then go to Device Manager. Drobo should appear in there somewhere, likely as TRUSTED Mass Storage device.

The drobo appear nowhere.
We’ve tried many another cable.

The technician said the USB plug of the drobo seems to be down, as it’s now undetected by all the computer we’ve tried.

Time to open a support case…

Yup, I had to purchase a drobo care waranty at 90$, then they shipped a new --and working-- Drobo.
So the USB plug of the old drobo broke. (The firewire plug was working)

Now, the drobo is detected and the files could be accessed well. But after a reboot, we now have a:
“Windows Failed to start” error.

It seem to be a bad quality driver. The error happen only when the Drobo is plugged.


The new drobo arrived, and it works again. So it was the USB plug of the drobo that was defective.