Reading one of the drives

Is there any way to pull one of the drives out of the Drobo and read it by itself? Since all the data is on at least 2 drives I can only assume that one could rebuild their files manually by removing one drive at a time (while it was off) and transferring it to a alternate drive.

Any thoughts?

No, it’s much more complicated than this. If the data was simply mirrored on “at least 2 drives”, you’d lose at least half of your installed capacity to data protection (instead of just the equivalent of your largest drive) right? BeyondRAID employs a mix of mirroring and various parity schemes to provide data redundancy, all laid out in a proprietary, undocumented format. It also tracks particular hard drives by their serial numbers. Unless you don’t care for your data, abandon any ideas for messing with Drobo drives manually in any shape or form.