Read speed very very slow


I got my Drobo-FS for over 3 weeks now. It has 3 x 2TB disks and 2 x 320Gb disks. Total Capacity is 4.71Tb. 2.40TB are used.
It has 4 Shares and 3 users.

My local network is Gigabit. 2 Gigabit switches between my Mac Pro and the Drobo-FS. Green lights on the Gigabit switches to indicate gigabit (amber light if 10/100Mbits)

My Mac Pro system disk is a SSD Intel 160Gb.

When I copy from the Drobo-FS to My Desktop. It takes 45 minutes for a 1.68Gb file to be copied.

Is that normal speed ? I guess not. My writing speed TO the drobo-FS is faster (same file took only 7 minutes to be copied to the Drobo-FS) than my reading speed FROM Drobo-FS ???

Am I missing something ? A special setting somewhere ? This is so far the slowest NAS I ever had.

Can anyone reply to mrichardin ? Is this normal?? Jennifer can you shed some light on this ?

You should see speeds of 30 to 40 mbs. If not, please open a support case.

Hi, I did open a support case and we found out that when connected to the same switch as my computer, the speed (both read/write) are fine. When the Drobo-FS is connected to another switch and that switch is connected to another switch and then to the computer, the read/write speed are very very slow. The support suggested a latency problem. But both switches are gigabit D-Link Green DGS-1008D… Not sure how to verify the lantency.

Swap the switches and see if there is bad latency. If so, one of the switches needs replacement. I used to think that switches would just completely cut out ports when they’re bad - but found that isn’t the case - they just lose packets.

If swapping switches doesn’t change the situation - try changing the uplink cable between the two switches. The link between the two might be running at 100 Mbit.