Read replaced hard drive

Is it possible to read data on a replaced drive that was used in a drobo? I’ve kept my old replaced drives and want to retrieve some from them that was deleted/overwrote on the next generation of drives in the drobo. How do I get the old drive to mount? When I connect drive this warning pops up. *The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.

I haven’t tried this but watch

You cannot read a Drobo drive directly b/c its their own proprietary formatting. The data is only recoverable with ALL drives available that was in the original chassis. Note in the video she has the 3 drives all connected to the computer and is using special software to scan the drives. Hope this helps.

$200 for the version that might work on the Drobo. You’d need a way to connect your whole disk pack to the drobo, which for me is five drives, PLUS space to store the files as they are recovered, unless this actually restores the disk pack to functionality which seems doubtful.