Read Only and No Repair Option


I continue to have problems with my Drobo 5N after updating the firmware and dashboard a few months ago.

My most recent issue is that as of this morning I cannot write to the drive and get an error that is is read only. So I checked and there was an update to Dashboard and Firmware. I performed these as I am connected via SMB and the notes said the firmware fixed some SMB issues reported by users.

It appears all I need to do is repair permissions. However since this is a 5N I cannot use disk utility, cocktail or dis warrior to do so. I would use the Repair option in Drobo Dashboard but under Tools tab I only see restart. How do I get the Repair option to return so I can use my Drobo?[hr]
UPDATE: Looks to be a permissions issue that can be fixed by Share. By using the Share Settings and setting the user Everyone to Read/Write I was able to write to the drive again. Obviously not ideal setup. I hope they fix this.

hi its cool that you were able to fix things, and thanks for posting how you did this.