Read drobo discs from PC via emulation software


I think it would be really great if Data Robotics, Inc. would make a free software that can be used on a PC to read data from drobo disc pack.

It would be very handy in case my drobo dies, but disc pack is ok.

With that kind of software I could at least read my data until I get my drobo fixed or I get a new drobo.

Any thoughts on this or is there already a solution that lets read drobo disc pack data?

i guess they may consider a read-only solution (obviously they woudlnt do a writing solution otherwise who would buy a drobo?!)

there would be practical considerations too - such as the number SATA ports you would need, and you’d probably have to get the software to do something clever regarding asking which drives are part of a disk pack and which belong to your current OS.

overall i dont think it would be an easy thing to do, and i think they would probably be worried about people working out /reverse engineering their “secret sauce” which is a lot more difficult to do which drobo software only lives on a drobo

plus its a lot of time and effort for them, with very little return on that, or very little reason - from their perspective - if you want to read data from a drobo disk pack - put them in a drobo.