[Rant] Windows Dashboard installer temporary files

Just updated my Drobo Dashbord to the latest version. The installer still leaves 24 temporary files behind in the root directory. So freakin’ lame and unprofessional, arrrrrgh!

There’s just so much wrong with this:
[]It’s lame
]Windows has well defined temporary location (hint: it’s not the root directory)
[]By forcing the user to clean up this mess, they create real chance of accidental deletion of critical system files
]It looks like the installer script was written by an intern during lunch break
[]It’s unprofessional and undermines my trust in the company. Does the firmware code adhere to the same “standards”?
]Did I mention it’s LAME?

Sad to hear the Windows Dashboard is as “well-written” as the Mac one is.

While you’re at it, please tell Microsoft to clean up after Windows Updates. My poor Drobos (being the drives with the most free space) are constantly littered with “leftovers” from the latest and greatest Windows update. :([hr]
Hmm, you got me thinking so I went to check my machines.
I have Drobo Dashboard 2.2.3 [54676] and don’t see any leftover files.

The machine has been rebooted a number of times since installing Dashboard, so that leaves the possibilities as:

  1. The installer launched Drobo Dashboard and waited for it to complete, so it did not actually exit and clean up until Drobo Dashboard was closed.
  2. It put the temp files on a drive other than C:
  3. You have a newer version of Drobo Dashboard installed than I do.

Each time I install or update Drobo DashBoard, it throws installer remnants all over the root directory of my Drobo. It’s a schoolboy error, but not a critical flaw.
I assume they outsourced DashBoard, and don’t want to amend the contract to fix a problem that’s largely cosmetic.