Random 'Data Protection In Progress'

Just got a random ‘Data Protection in Progress’ message on my Drobo S. After a few minutes it was all back to normal. Anything I need to be concerned about?

could a be a lose drive

or a drive briefly stopped responding

all sorts

send your logs to drobo and they will tell you which drive caused it and why

More generally, if this happens once, I suggest you say “Gosh oh Molly” and make a sandwich.
If your Drobo reports several rebuilds, ask support to look at your diags and tell you which drive is having a problem.

After you finish your sandwich and wash your hands (or when you have a convenient opportunity), shut down your Drobo, remove the faceplate and gently but firmly push all the drives in.

For whatever reason I had one of my drives “creep” out a bit and it caused a spurious rebuild like you describe.

(and if anyones reading this, go make a sandwich - they’re tasty regardless) :slight_smile:

First time it has happened. I pushed the drives in. If it happens again I will try to get support involved - assuming they still provide basic support outside of the pitiful 1 year warranty period.

Good luck. If it happens again and they refuse to assist you with the logs they’ve encrypted, please let us know in these forums.

If the unit is out of warranty and needs to be replaced, we wouldn’t be able to replace it unless you purchased DroboCare for it. Otherwise, we will provide as much support as we can regardless of warranty status.

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