Quick Thought: Drobo Power Issues (FIXED)

Well, I thought I would take the time to share this experience with you all, so here goes: Basically, back in August 2019, I purchased a Drobo 5C, and in there, I went on and filled all 5 bays with a cumulative 10TB of space.

At first, when I started it up, I would get intermittent failure messages from the Drobo, such as the lights showing up all red, or in yellow, or 4 of them in green status, while one was red… I really wasn’t liking this at all, and the prevailing thought in my mind at that time was that Drobo was the worst hard drive system I had EVER purchased, bar none…

So, fast forward to just this past Sunday. For the past several months (in fact, since September) the Drobo was just sitting on my desk, gathering dust, and not being used at all. But then, after rearranging the home office upstairs, I decided to give the Drobo one more try, but this time, it was different. In the past, I had hooked the Drobo up to a power strip that contained other peripherals such as my Mac, iPhone, and other drives. But this time, after having an experience with a new Canon battery charger, where for whatever reason the battery charger would fully charge batteries ONLY if it was in its own dedicated wall plug by itself, I decided to try that with the Drobo…

Sure enough, for the past 2+ days, I have gotten absolutely ZERO error messages out of this thing! I simply hooked up the Drobo to a wall outlet by itself, and it’s been working well ever since… So FINALLY, I can begin to use this thing exactly the way I’ve been wanting to use it!!

So, as a word of advice: Drobo should include in their instructions that it is “preferable” that people who buy their products should hook their Drobo into a wall outlet by itself, and not into a power strip with other peripherals. The reason is because I’m finding that with power strips, the power is never truly stable for devices such as the Drobo, which, by its nature, draws a LOT more amps than the average device. So, when it’s starting up while hooked to a power strip with other peripherals, you could be prone to receiving all kinds of error messages from the Drobo interface. BUT, when you hook it up to a wall outlet by itself, maybe with the other outlet occupied by something of small wattage like a lamp, for instance, the Drobo should work without any issues… Food for thought!!!

Again, I just thought I’d share this, and I hope that the makers of Drobo are also listening too, as this one thing of advice could go a long way in making sure that these devices are working exactly as they should, which is exactly what I expect when I’m spending a LOT of money on a device such as this…

Thanks for sharing. I’m gonna try if it fixes any of my issues with my 5N.

Yep: As I said in a previous post, if you hook your Drobo into a wall outlet by itself, that should help the situation. I didn’t come across this problem for at least 6+ months after getting it until I saw that a Canon battery charger acts the same way… Each one draws quite a bit of power, but the Drobos draw a LOT more power than most peripherals. In other words, avoid plugging them into power strips with multiple peripherals so the wattage will at least remain constant, as I’m finding that is what is required for the Drobo to operate properly. As a matter of fact: I’ve now been using the Drobo for the past 5+ days, and have had absolutely no issues with it since hooking it into an outlet by itself… Hope this helps!!

Thanks for sharing. This will help a lot of people that are currently facing same problem as yours. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it didn’t do the trick for my 5N. I ended up moving my data to a Synology DS920+.

Iskandar, how did you move your data to the Synology? It is my understanding that the Drobo RAID format is non-conventional, and that you can not simply move the drives to another manufactures RAID enclosure. My 5D3 has been dead for several months and my data is stuck there since they have no 5D3 enclosures to sell. Was also looking at a Synology replacement, but was my understanding I would lose my data.

That’s unfortunate! I had a backup of my data on an external 14TB drive, so I just copied that to my new Synology.