Questions about Drobo, DroboPro, and Drobo S

I currently own a Drobo and it works great with exception to it sometimes goes to sleep and I lose my connection, then I have to unplug the Drobo and power back on to get it to reconnect.
On that note, I wish it had a power button so that I could power off the Drobo when I do not use it (sometimes I dont need it for days) and then power it up when I need to access my files. I haven’t been on Drobo’s website for a year or two and noticed they have a Drobo S and DroboPro. Do either of these new Drobo devices have a power button? I believe I noticed that the DroboPro has a power button, am I correct? So you can now power it down when you do not need it? If so this would be a great feature added, in my opinion. Also what is the difference between the DroboPro and Drobo S besides that the DroboPro has 8 bays and is on its side?

drobo pro does indeed have a power button

i think the drobo pro is even faster than the drobo s

and it has a faster interface (iSCSI GbE)

Thanks for the reply, I noticed that the DroboPro and Drobo S both have a power button so that is a huge improvement for me over the old Drobo that did not have a power button.

Also, if I buy a DroboPro and I have a few hard drives in there and one hard drive dies I can simply remove the hard drive and replace it with a new hard drive and DroboPro would take care of the rest. What would happen if the DroboPro power supply or DroboPro itself dies? I know that I can’t access my data on my hard drives but if I were to get another DroboPro and insert all 5 drives in and power up would it then begin formating or would I have access to my data again? How would this work?

if any drobo model dies, you can simply insert your disk pack into a new drobo of the same model and it will work immediately.

all the data about your disk pack is stored on the disk pack itself, nothing is stored on drobo

I own both a DroboPro and a DroboS.

Yes they both have power buttons on the back of the unit. For both models you can use the power button for shutdown safely if you have ejected/unmounted the disk cleanly in your operating system.

For boot up time the DroboS on Firewire is ready for use a bit faster than DroboPro over iSCSI. (DroboS 4 disks, DroboPro fully populated at 8).

For performance the DroboPro over iSCSI is significantly faster than the DroboS over FireWire800.

One other key difference is that the DroboS will format up as a single volume. The DroboPro lets you create up to 16 separate smart volumes (look like separate disks to the OS). Useful feature if you wanted to separate out data for any reason, or even create a small disk like a quota system.

There is also a small difference in noise. To me the DroboPro seems quieter overall as it seems to spin its two fans slower than the one fan in the DroboS. Also when disks had spun down the DroboPro turns the fans off completely quite quickly, only occasionally spinning up. This will depend on your environment (ambient temperature, types of hard disks, etc).

Overall I think the DroboPro is the better unit if your budget stretches that far.

agreed, but for a lot of home users it is probably overkill to spend £1200 on a storage system with no disks in it!