Question about WD drives

Has anyone had any problems replacing a failed drive with WD?

Specifically their phone support?

I’ve never used their phone support, but I’ve replaced at least 5 drives under warranty over the course of the past 10 years. Always did the advance replacement (auth to credit card), got the replacement drive, and sent the defective drive back in the replacement’s packaging, noting the tracking information. Never had an issue.

What’s going on?

I had a new drive marked as failed by the drobo, flashing red light.

I called WD to replace drive. They told me that the Caviar Green WD drives are not designed to work in Raid systems and since I used the drive in the Drobo they will not replace it since I used it out side the design of the drive. I voided the warranty by using it in a Drobo.

The drive was purchased 3 weeks ago from the Drobo Store.

Sometimes, providing lots of info isn’t a good thing.
But if you run the WD diagnostics and it gives you an error code, they should replace it under warranty regardless.

If you aren’t getting an error code from the WD diagnostics, then I’d run the drive (do a multi-pass random disk wipe or something) until it does error out - then get a replacement.

They can legitimately deny your claim based on the fact that it doesn’t work properly in a RAID environment (not used for intended/spec-ed purpose), but they shouldn’t be able to deny your claim if it’s simply not working properly in a supported environment - ie, outside of a RAID system, like in their diagnostics or on a Windows/Mac machine.

I would recommend using their website to do the RMA process.


Yeah, I’ve only used their website for RMAs. Same with Maxtor (now Seagate). Don’t have enough Hitachi drives to have returned them - though I had one laptop drive have its head crash, it was way out of warranty.