Question about running Cat6 to another room for Mac Mini/Drobo

I am setting up a Drobo 5D attached to a Mac Mini as my home media server. Unfortunately my modem/router are in the living room behind my TV (centrally located). My plan is to replace the coax wall plate behind my TV (where modem/router are) with a coax/ethernet wall plate and then run one Cat6 patch cable from there up to the attic and across the attic and down to my office.

Would it be okay to just get wall plates with inline coupler for ethernet jack and then just buy a 50 foot patch cable to run in the wall? I won’t be in the house much longer, so I have no desire to go above and beyond here, but I want to make sure this plan will suffice.


Better to buy a Cat6 cable long enough to run along the wall to make sure it is not laying around blocking the movement around the house. Better to call a cabling expert who will change the wall plates and properly make arrangements to run the cable along the wall. They will also provide services to make sure the Cat6 cable is transmitting the signals from source device to the destination.

Since it’s only temporary, it might be simpler to keep all the pieces together in the living room.