Question about iSCSI and WHS

I am trying to connect Drobo to my Windows Home Server thru iSCSI.

I already have a Buffalo NAS iSCSI that is connected to this Home Server machine without Issues. Using the Microsoft iSCSI initiator, I can see the Drobo but login/authentication fails.

I have installed the Drobo Dashboard. Connecting the Drobo through USB shows it on the Drobo Desktop but removing the USB and connecting it through a Network doesnt show the device. I have set the IP for Drobo to a fixed IP. And I CAN connect through iSCSI on the network when I use another Vista based machine.

Is it possible to simply use the Microsoft iSCSI initiator to connect the Windows home Server to Drobo? Any help with setting that would be appreciated


DR uses the Mircrosoft iSCSI initiator.

In another thread, buzz reported having found a solution to this, needed when the IP address is static. Use regedit to fix the following registry key to match your static address:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Drobo\TM -> DroboProIPAddress

I haven’t tried this, I use autoconfig (the default setting) addresses.