Question about DDservice64d

If this service is stopped, does it affect the actual functioning of the disk in any way?

Just looking to streamline my system as much as possible, and I rarely ever use the drobo Dashboard - maybe once a week. So would just as soon only run this daemon on demand, all things being equal.

I have already disabled the “menu bar application” ( in the dashboard ) which I see has killed that other little helper process.

hi, on windows i have had no ill effects if it was stopped, for my drobo gen1, or gen2, or drobo-s

but, you wont be able to see the drobo details or warnings etc if that and dashboard is not running. so while you can do it, its still good to run it from time to time to keep track of your drobo, especially if you are getting full and not sure of exact actual free space :)[hr]
also, i tend to prefer doing any shutdowns/standbys via dashboard, which needs it running at the time.

DDService64d is a daemon from what I know is the communication links between the Dashboard and the Firmware (Dorbo Unit).

Before Dashboard is able to run or discover any Drobo… DDService64d has to be already running in the background.

So do say… you can “stop” DDService64d daemon if you wish, if you can not running the Dashboard at all.

Unlike in Windows… you can easily “Stop”, “Start” and “Run on demand” the Drobo Dashboard Service which is the equivalent of DDService64d in Windows. In OSX… you will need to use Terminal command to modify and stop DDService64d from running at every OSX system boot.